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Think Pink: Dissecting the Trend

(Factice Magazine)


In a broader social context, there aren't many colors that carry a predefined association like the color pink, yes I hear you when you argue blue is also universally associated as a boy's color, although it does not carry the same set of behavioral and social roles as that of Pink. 


Think Pink for a moment! If you are a woman and your favorite color is pink it is easy to be socially categorized as a girly girl, gown dressing, roses loving with babies and kittens. But is this coming to an end? Is the rise of the 'Millennial Pink' / 'Tumblr Pink' / 'Pale Dogwood' paving the way towards a more gender-neutral hue?


(Bess Adler/Eater NY)


Believe it or not, pre-World War II pink didn't carry any girly association and rose to fame (pun intended ) with First Lady Mamie Eisenhower whom thought the color suited her skin tone and brought out her blue eyes,  creating a craze for everything pink from countertops to sanitary pads, and inspiring quotes such as "Banish the blue, burn the black" from the movie Funny Face.   


Fast forward to 2015 where some contribute the rise of the Millennial Pink to Apple's rose gold iPhone,  and others say it started back in 2014 with Wes Anderson's movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, which revolves around a retro-kitsch aesthetics. Regardless it's origins the color has resonated with consumers strong enough that it has been used in every retailer marketing strategy. 


(Dior Homme) 


Will the pink trend die out, of course as of any color du jour but it will also create a cult following of its iconic reiterations think acne studios packaging or kinfolk. 





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